About us

Atlas Television has offered fantastic camera crews and a reliable camera rental service in Dubai since 2003. The company is the longest established professional camera crew and kit hire operation in the UAE.

Our guiding principles today are exactly the same as when we started. Atlas is committed to providing world-class standards and offers an unrivalled camera crew and rental service with competitive pricing. Everyday we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our priority is to create a fantastic experience for our clients: crews that create fantastic images and perfect sound and kit that always performs. One of our cornerstones is a solid commitment to quality and service – a value that is instilled in every member of the Atlas team. This commitment has helped us achieve a successful track record of delivering first class crews and kits to hundreds of regional and international clients. We also constantly update, upgrade and expand the range of camera rental and other kit for hire we offer. For our clients, this means first class camera crews, first class kits and a purpose built studio that is perfect for any small or mid-size job. Our camera crew service includes Directors of Photography, Lighting Cameramen, Sound Recordists, Camera Assistants, Multi-Camera Directors, Field Producers and most other location crew. Go to our Crew web page for more details. Our equipment rental services covers a complete range of industry standard cameras, lenses, tripods, camera stabilisers, other grip, monitors, lights, sound equipment and more. Go to our Equipment web page for more. We also have a purpose built studio with three infinity curves, lighting grid, sound baffling, low noise air conditioning, 71kW power source (no need for a generator), production offices, green screen roll, black drapes surround, white floors and walls and crew and equipment readily available. The studio is located in Dubai Studio City. For more details, go to our studio web page.

Why Choose Us

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main priority is to always deliver complete client satisfaction. Our team is committed to making sure your shoot goes smoothly and that you are completely happy with the results. Our commitment to this is guaranteed. If for some reason you feel we’ve let you down, we will refund any monies paid or not charge for any service provided that falls short of our standards. One of our strengths is the expertise we’ve developed since 2003 in providing quality kit and crew hire for hundreds of clients across the UAE and the Gulf region.

Professional Reliable Service

You want advice you can trust, crews who deliver, reliable equipment and highly responsive support. All of that is the primary focus of our service. Our Hire Desk team has experience on location, preparing kits, using kit and working on a wide range of single and multi-camera jobs. They understand what’s required to deliver great pictures and sound and they are fully committed to making sure your shoot goes smoothly. Our crews are vetted, experienced and great to work with. Of course you want fantastic images and clean sound. You probably also want crew who are a pleasure to have on location. Our crews are a great addition to any location team. Our kit is up to date, in excellent condition and reliable. It won’t let you down so you can rent our cameras, lenses and full range of production equipment with confidence. Add extensive local knowledge to everything above and you get a combination that rocks and that you can rely on.

Gulf Region Experts

The majority of our shooting has been in Dubai. We know the locations, permission requirements and protocols well.  Chances are we’ve already shot where your project will be. We also have a lot of experience filming in the other emirates, primarily Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujeirah so we know the drill in these locations as well. You’re in safe hands no matter where in the UAE you want to shoot. We also occasionally do shoots in nearby countries such as Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Each of these countries presents its challenges and generally we are able to address them. Oman is easiest, Kuwait is a close second and Saudi Arabia can require considerable advance planning. Give us the details of your shoot in these countries and we’ll let you know promptly what’s possible and how we can help.

First Class Kit Hire Services

Reliable and current industry-standard equipment is a key part of our service. We offer the kit most in demand by our clients and we update our stock as new equipment is introduced and adopted. Our kit is well looked after and maintained. The last thing we want is for you to have an issue with our equipment on location. Experienced technicians check your kit before you get it – and they check it again once it comes back. All kit is regularly maintained in house or by external experts we know and trust. We also use powerful kit management software to ensure you get all the kit you expect with no items missing.

Top of the Range Equipment

We cater our camera and support rental equipment stock to client demand. This includes top of the range camcorders, lenses, tripods, lights, sound gear, monitors – everything needed for a typical broadcast or corporate location shoot. Our business means we are constantly in touch with developments with kit. We don’t jump on bandwagons though – we offer the kit clients actually want and make sure we have the latest equipment that’s in demand.

Expertly Maintained, Industry Standard Equipment

There’s nothing worse than having kit in poor condition on a demanding location shoot. But that’s easily prevented. We have an in-house technician who takes care of regular maintenance requirements and we use external experts to make sure more complicated kit such as lenses tripod heads are kept in optimal operating condition. Your kit is checked before you get it. And it’s checked when it comes back. In the unlikely event a piece of kit goes down on location, we offer full, quickly responsive support.

Experienced International Crew

We’re extremely fussy about the crew we use. We’ve typically been working with them for at least 2-3 years. They come from various countries – our current team includes Australian, British, Irish, Pakistani and South African nationals. All are professionals with a track record of delivering world class material to broadcasters from Europe and North America and demanding corporate clients from the UAE and abroad. Our crews are also creative, friendly and pleasant to work with. They are a fantastic addition to any location team.

Leading Regional & International Clients

Our clients are primarily based in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. They include leading production companies in those countries and well-known broadcasters and companies. Our main marketing tactic is to deliver a great service and generate repeat business and referrals. That has driven our growth since 2003. If we didn’t deliver, we wouldn’t get the repeat business or the referrals that have made us a long-term success story. Examples of clients we’ve worked with: BBC, CNN, CNBC, ABC, Citibank, Merchant Cantos, HSBC, Endemol, The Edge Picture Company, Atlantis Hotel, The Apprentice (UK), Real Housewives of Melbourne, Amazing Race – to name a handful.

Extensive Experience in Corporate, TV and Event Shoots

Atlas has its roots in the UK broadcast industry. The company’s founders cut their teeth in broadcasting, working to demanding standards and deadlines. Since setting up in Dubai in 2003, the company has expanded into corporate and event shoots. The requirements and demands are generally similar to those in the broadcast world: great pictures, superb sound, on budget and on time. We have done thousands of jobs over the years in all three sectors of the crew and kit hire industry – everything from single camera to multi-camera jobs on a wide range of productions. We offer experience, a long-term, proven track record and commitment –everything you need to ensure your shoot goes smoothly.