Atlas Photo & Video Studio Opens in Dubai Studio City

The Atlas studio is in one of the purpose-built facilities in the Dubai Studio City complex. This means it offers low-noise air conditioning, is relatively sound proof and has a power supply large enough to handle virtually any production in a studio its size. The back wall of the studio is 9 metres wide and the two side walls are 9.5 metres long. All three of these walls have infinity curves that run their full length.

The standard colour of the walls and floors is white. The studio includes black drapes on rails with enough draping to completely surround the shooting floor space. There is also a green screen roll that can cover enough of the floor and wall to accommodate most green screen jobs.

The studio can be hired on its own. If needed, Atlas can also provide whatever crew and equipment is needed for your shoot.

Arranging a visit is easy – just ring our office on 04 429 3623 or email to let us know when you’d like to come by.