The series continues. Tips on making corporate videos that deliver for your clients.

This time, Tip 4: Know where your audience will watch your video.

This is often overlooked.

Where will the viewer be when he/she watches the video?

  • At their desk?
  • In a boardroom?
  • At a conference?
  • At an exhibition?
  • In a reception area?

Knowing this is extremely important when it comes to making the video.

Employees watching a training video will be a lot more attentive than someone passing your client’s stall at an exhibition.

A video played at a conference with a large audience will often be different than one catered to a viewer at a desk.

A looped DVD in a reception area may have text rather than sound.

The video should be catered to where it will be seen.

Discuss this with your client before you start production.

It will have a strong influence on the final edit.

Next time: Agree on the approach and content.

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Until next time…

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