I went to a Media Technology event in London earlier this month and was lucky to listen to a panel from BBC’s Natural History department – the people responsible for brilliant series such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

The panel was great and what really got my attention was a BBC series due to start on Sunday night (Nov 11) in the UK called Dynasties. The series spent four years following families from five different species of animals: lions, tigers, chimpanzees, painted wolves and penguins. Each episode follows one family, the first follows chimpanzees.

Check out this initial trailer for the series.


Here’s the second trailer:


What struck me as I listened to the panel, which included a couple of the Natural History division’s top tech guys, is how innovative and imaginative these highly renowned BBC series are – and how they always use the technology to tell great stories. Not just to get great images. The pictures used in these programmes always tell fantastic stories.

And the imagination. Who would have thought – hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s find families from different species of animals and follow them for four years to see what happens.

I hope you get a chance to watch Dynasties. Not sure when the series will run on BBC Worldwide.

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