Producing Corporate Videos That Deliver For Your Clients

I continue from my last blog with Tip 5 on Making Corporate Videos That Deliver: Agree on the approach and content.

This includes determining what was covered in Tips 1-4:

  • Decide exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Decide what length the video should be.
  • Know where your audience will watch the video.

Once these points have been fully discussed with your client, create a proposal for the content and structure of the video.

The proposal should meet all of your client’s requirements: what they want included, what message they want to convey and what they want the video to do. Make sure the proposal has full agreement from your client.

This is the time to go through any concerns your clients has and to make sure the content and approach are what your client wants. Best to do this before shooting starts.

The objective is to have a clear and common understanding of what the video will look like and what will be in it. This process can save a lot of disappointment and prevent unmet expectations.

Then onto the next step – agree the costs.

And that brings me to Tip 6, the subject of my next blog:

Know what your budget is – And be realistic.

A gentle reminder: if you need to hire a studio, crew or kit in Dubai, email with your requirements.

Until next time…

Happy shooting,