Last week I covered Tip 1 of 12 to help make effective corporate videos. A brief reminder – the first tip was: Know exactly what you want to achieve with the video.

This week, on to Tip 2: Know your target audience.

Who is going to watch the video?

Different target audiences need different approaches.

Some examples. First, put yourself in the shoes of the company you’re making the video for.

Are existing clients your target audience?

If so, your video should generally at least achieve on of the following goals:

Give them some good reasons to stay with you (client retention)
Remind them what you offer (if you don’t, they can forget)
Tell them about something new you offer

And make sure you include compelling benefits.  It’s all about what it’s in it for your target audience.

Maybe prospects (prospective clients) are your target audience.

Think about how you’d like them to respond to the video.

If they’ve never heard of you, don’t expect them to immediately start doing business with you. Maybe you just want them to phone you. Or you’d like to meet them in person.

Your video should entice them to do what you want by showing, once again, compelling benefits.

If it’s a training video, who’s it for? Clients? Employees?

Produce your video with the viewer in mind. Make it thorough and easy to understand.

A corporate video should be planned with the target audience constantly in mind.

I have seen too many corporate videos that seemed more about making a slick production than enticing the target audience to take the desired action.

In some cases I have watched the video, thought: “Wow, that was amazing” …
And then wondered what the message was and what action I was supposed to take.

If any element in the video doesn’t serve your audience and help move them to take the action you want, drop it.

Next week, Tip 3: Determine what length the video should be.

Until then…

Happy Shooting.