Know The Edit Before You Start Editing

If the script was written before the shoot, review the material to see if you want to make any changes. Maybe you got some great material you weren’t expecting in your interviews or the supporting video – material that needs to be included and requires changes to the script.

Revise the script and make sure it’s approved before you start the edit so the edit is done to the correct script.

If the script wasn’t done beforehand, the writer needs to screen all the material, get an accurate brief and write it.

Once the script is written, make sure it is thoroughly checked. This is the time to make changes with good consultation between the production company and the client.

It’s also the time to fine tune graphics and/or animation requests, approve music tracks, approve the narrator and make sure you have all the elements you need.

Once everyone is happy with the script, the edit can begin.

Follow this process and you’ll save a lot of time in the edit.

Happy Shooting.