Get It Out There!

Tip 11 applies once your video is edited and ready to distribute…

Get It Out There!

You made this film for a reason, now put it to work.

Get it in front of your target audience.

Distribute, distribute, distribute.

If you produced the film for a trade exhibition, display it prominently.

If you produced it for prospective clients, get it to them. Send a physical copy on a USB stick (direct mail with a personalised letter makes an impression) or an email with a link to a download or an online viewing site. Whatever’s most appropriate.

For an even stronger personal touch, see your prospects or clients in person and watch them watch your video on your laptop.

If it’s a training video, get the training sessions going.

Get people to watch it!

Sadly, many organisations invest in a video only to fall short when it comes to distribution and leave a potentially powerful and informative marketing tool on the shelf. Don’t be one of them.

Next time, the final tip: Review The Results.

Until then,

Happy Shooting,