Get Organised

You’re either the production company or the client who has engaged a production company to make your corporate video. You’ve agreed on the content, the approach and the budget.

As the production company, now plan the shoot. As the client, help the production company do this.

Some key points to cover are:

  • Do you need to do interviews? With whom?
  • What other video will you need?
  • Will you need graphics? Music?
  • How about a narrator? Sub-titles? A translation?

Some tips to save time:

  • Try to arrange interviews so that as many as possible can be filmed on a given day.
  • Have graphics work started promptly. Graphics take time and chances are you’ll want some changes before you approve them.
  • Agree on choices for music and narrator.

If you’re the production company you should take the lead on this. If you’re the client, you should make clear what elements you want in the video and try to make decisions as quickly as possible.

Your completed plan should cover:

  • Dates for interviews
  • Subjects to be interviewed
  • Dates to shoot supporting video with details on what will be shot. Think of how much material you will need for your final edit so you shoot enough
  • Details on the graphics with a thorough brief for the graphics service
  • Identify a strong list of possible narrators if needed
  • Begin the job of finding appropriate music if needed

Both parties (production company and client) should agree on the first four points as quickly as possible so shooting can begin. This is another time to get consensus and make sure nothing has been left out that should be included. Like I’ve said before: consultation and agreement go a long way to preventing disappointment.

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