Our biggest client base is production companies and in Dubai a good percentage of their work is for corporate videos. That’s meant over the years we have worked on hundreds of these productions.

In the course of that we’ve learned from some of the best. I’ve narrowed what we’ve learned down to 12 essential tips to get the best results from a corporate video.

This is the first in a series of 12 posts I’ll do covering one tip per post. I hope you find them useful.

Tip #1 – Decide exactly what you want to achieve with the film.

Why are you making this video?

The most common reasons:

  • Promoting the company to prospective customers (prospects)
  • Educating prospects and customers about the benefits the company offers
  • Delivering an important message to employees or clients or both
  • Training staff

Make sure everyone involved is on board with what the video has to do. Having a clear objective makes many of the other decisions you have to make when you’re producing a corporate video much easier to make.

Sounds simple – but we’ve been on a lot of productions where our client’s (the production company) client seemed to have mixed or vague ideas on what the video is supposed to deliver. The result: confusion and wasted time.

So a good first step is to make sure the end client knows what the video they’re paying to have produced produces what they want.

Next time: Tip 2 – Define Your Target Audience.

Until then…

Happy shooting,