Hire Rates

  • How much does it cost to hire a camera?

    The rate depends on which camera you want and what lenses you want with it. Our camera packages routinely come with a charger, sufficient batteries to more than cover a day’s shooting, a Sachtler tripod, a card reader and sufficient cards for a day’s shooting. And the lenses of your choice.

    Click the Get A Quote button anywhere on our website or email info@atlastelevision.com and let us know which camera model and lenses you want and during our Dubai office hours (Sunday to Thursday) we will aim to respond within one hour.

    If you need other kit list that as well.

    Other things to consider are insurance – if you’re hiring equipment only – and filming permission. If you are hiring a crew with equipment, insurance is included. If you are hiring equipment only, depending on the value of the kit we will need to see a copy of your policy if you have coverage for hired in equipment or we can provide insurance for an additional fee subject to the terms of our policy.

    Filming permission. We can help secure permission for you if needed.

    Our website page Hiring From Atlas has more information on this.

  • How much is it to rent a Sony FS7 camera in Dubai?

    The Sony FS7 camera is the most requested model in our range of digital cinema cameras. The hire charge depends on what lenses and support kit you want with your package.

    The most popular package we offer includes:

    Sony FS7 camera
    Power kit (V-mount batteries and charger)
    Sachler Video 18P tripod
    3 x Canon L-Series Lenses: 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm
    1 x 128GB memory card + 2 x 64GB memory cards
    Card reader
    Daily rate for the package above is 1,500 dirhams

    Alternative lens options:

    Fujinon MK18-55mm
    Fujinon MK50-135mm
    The Fujinons are parfocal zoom lenses and work like an ENG zoom lens.
    Very good if you need to change focal length quickly and maintain focus more easily.

    Zeiss CP2 Prime Lenses:

    18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm

Equipment Questions

  • I need to light one person for an interview. What are the best lights to use?

    The best person to ask about lighting preferences is your cameraman. Most will have a clear idea of what they like to use depending on the location. Atlas carries a good range of lights for lighting interviews so should be able to accommodate at least most requests.

    The lighting cameraman we work with most often have two preferred options for single subject interviews:

    2x Kino Celeb LED 201 Lights
    2x Dedo lights with dimmers
    Another Option:

    2x Astra Litepanels

    2x Dedo lights with dimmers
    Atlas carries a range of other lights that can be used for interviews as well. They include:
    Kino Flo 4-Foot, 4-Bank
    Diva Lights
    Arri fresnel lights: 300-watt, 650-watt, 1K
    Arri open-faced lights: 800-watt, 2K
    Our approach is generally to find out where the interview or interviews will be done, let the cameraman know and then see what the cameraman prefers.