The Final Touches

My series of tips of making effective corporate videos continues…

This time I cover the final touches to help make the video sing.

By the time Tip 10 applies, your edit is finished and approved. But it only has a non-professional guide track instead of professional narration (you did this to allow for changes during the edit without incurring the cost of a professional narrator every time you made a change).

What remains is to record the narration, insert any subtitles and possibly do a colour grade and sound mix.

An obvious point: be there when the narration is recorded to make sure you’re happy. Changes made later will cost additional fees.

Subtitles might be required if you need translations displayed while the video is playing or for other reasons. If you use subtitles, make sure they’re accurate.

The colour grade ensures your final video looks the way it should – that all the colours are right and the images look good. Many editors are able to do this with widely available software. For some videos, a professional colourist might be needed.

You might also need to get a final sound mix done at a dubbing suite. It depends on how complicated the mix is and the editor’s capabilities.

Once the grade and final sound mix are finished, make sure you’re happy.

The first ten tips cover actually making the video.

The final two tips will cover monitoring how it performs with your target market to make sure the video achieved what you wanted it to in the first place.

Until then,

Happy Shooting!