Monitor The Edit

Your editing script has been written and approved and the edit is underway. Make sure you monitor the edit while it’s in progress (whether you’re the producer or the client).

If you’re the producer, watch closely for anything that isn’t clear or doesn’t help make the point of the video. If you’re the client, watch for anything you don’t like for any reason. Discuss any concerns with the production company – during the edit is a good time to raise them.

If you’re using a narrator, it’s best to use a non-professional to do a guide track until the edit is approved and all changes have been made. This means you’ll only have to hire the narrator once.

When the edit is finished sit back, watch and listen.

Ideally you have been checking in during the edit and any glaring changes you want have already been made.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the video compelling?
  • Does it keep your interest?
  • Is it informative?
  • What impression does it leave you with?
  • Does it inspire the reaction you hope your target viewer will have?

If you’re happy with the edit, great. If not, identify what worked and what didn’t.

Discuss any issues with those who need to approve the edit and with the editor. Try to reach agreement on what changes are needed.Sometimes it’s difficult to please everyone.

If getting agreement on what to do proves seems impossible, defer to whoever has final say.

Happy Shooting,